Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's start again

Ok so I know it has been a while and that perhaps there is someone out there wondering if I ever managed to break the nasty habit that many of us suffer from. In short the answer is no. However I do not feel that all is lost.

Today I received my congratulations email from QuitNet. Apparently if I had of quit on Friday 16th May I would have now been 60 days smoke free.

I must say that the whole 'quit' thing has never really sat very well with me. I mean we are told from an early age that quitting is not a positive. Quitters never prosper (nor do cheaters) However there are of course some things, like smoking that we are all encouraged to quit.

When I was in year 7 (so about 12 years old) my best friend at the time told me that if I quit the Irish Dancing team then I would be a quitter all my life. I recall being slightly taken aback by this however I went on and quit anyway.

As it turned out my friend was right, well nearly. Throughout my life I have continually quit things. Irish dancing, hockey, debating, uni (twice), even friends and relationships. IN fact about the only things never quit were school and smoking!

Fingers crossed though I can change that last one