Tuesday, March 18, 2008

48 Hours and counting

Today has just about flown by and sees me still strongly and proudly hold my head high as a non smoker.

There are still wavering moments when I think "Oh just one little puff won't hurt..."

Thankfully a louder more powerful voice screams out "OH Yes it will!!" and my strength returns

It still feels like temptation is rife within me though. Failure is waiting round the corner however easily overcome.

I just can't wait till I get to the stage where I can say comfortably I have no desire to have a cigarette. I mean if someone offered me a way to have a cigarette without becoming a smoker I would be there in a flash!

But that is not to be! And really I am fine with that!

I hope that all other quitters have been as successful as me today and for everyone may tomorrow be even better.


RozAnn TheHairDresser said...

Hello Lou!
Glad to see you are still going well..fell down a few times, but still going good for me too..not as good as you but that is alright..we all have our own way of doing things!
So proud of you for this blog and your stength in this..glad to be along with you Dear! Great blog! Thanks!

Rhianna said...

Great to have you along dear Rozann. Never mind about falling down, I am right beside you to help you get back up.

You are right about us all having our own way, that is what keeps the world going round.

Hang in the dear friend it will get easier and you will feel so much better for it. Just keep breathing

Nancyrowina said...

Glad to read you've got this far, remember the nicotine is all gone after 3 days it's just mental after that so if you can just get through today it will get easier. I'm using NRT so I still have nicotine in my blood but haven't smoked for 8 days.
Good luck and remember one puff will hurt it will be another 3 days before you are nicotine free if you do have one.

Rhianna said...

Nancy, well done on the 8 days that is fantastic. That is over a week. I am so proud of you.

Yes, I am getting better at not feeling tempted, I do miss it though, especially of an evening, hubby and I would sit around smoking and talking. I know we can still talk, but it is just not the same at the moment. He feels guilty about still smoking (bless him) but he still won't stop!