Sunday, March 30, 2008

And then I fall again

Yes, I may have managed to get back up a few times now, but I keep on falling, and falling. I may not have gone back to my old ways but if I don't take some drastic action now, then I fear that all may be lost.

So basically I am back at square one.

Two weeks after my original quit date I feel that I can no longer currently call myself a quitter. I would like to say that will change today, but deep down I know it won't. Though tomorrow is another story.

That's right folks my new quit date is March 31. I was thinking that April Fools day could be rather appropriate but then I thought why wait one more day? Of course on that theory I should just stop right now but I want to have one last one latter tonight. Really sit down and enjoy it and then revert to telling myself all the evils of tobacco!

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