Sunday, March 30, 2008

There is no stopping me now!

So two weeks on from my original quit date, I am not exactly in a position to say that I have successfully become a quitter. While I did manage to hold the cravings at bay for days on end, it was easier than I expected to fall into my old habits.

As I begin round two of quitting I am more confident in my intentions. I can see where I went wrong and have developed new strategies to combat any possible weaknesses.

The first of these new strategies is to call on the assistance of my fairies. I have read many stories of fairies helping others fight this terrible addiction so I am sure they will be happy to help.

I have also found it important to regularly update here. The days when I took the time to write about my efforts made it all feel worthwhile. I know that this is supposed to be about doing something for myself, but the fact of the matter is, myself likes smoking, so at this point in time I am my own worst enemy!

For some reason the thought of letting others down is much stronger than the disappointment I can create for myself. I guess I am just to forgiving.

I have written a list of inspirations, affirmations and general motivational thoughts to keep me on track. Naturally I will post them, on the off chance that they can be of use to you.

Also please feel free to share your experiences and thoughts.

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